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TFC CTF Writeups

Two friends of mine and me solved a couple of challagnes in TFC CTF (we solved them together). And in this post, there are writeups for...

BDSEC 2022 CTF Writeups

I will share my way of thinking and how I solved two challenges. Dominoes (Cryptography - 50) Knight Squad Shop (web - 100 points)...

A Race Against Time

There was a delivery service that was introduced to the company I work for. They allowed employees to order groceries without a shipping...

Forgot Password Vulnerabilities

I will probably update this post with new examples and screenshots. One of the features I like to test the most is the 'forgot password'...

Duolingo - Unlimited XP Points

This is a story about the importance of testing the less popular areas in web applications. Duolingo gives experience points for...

Simple IDOR With Critical Impact

I have a friend who studied in a popular academic institution. I happened to be in his house and I said why not "look" at their website...

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