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BSidesTLV 2022 CTF - "Medium Expectations"

I tried a pretty easy Crypto challenge.

After using Netcat, the server asks us to guess the correct numbers repeatedly.

After looking at the source code (""), it seemed that the server generates a random number in the appropriate range each time.

However, there is an interesting function - random.seed().

After reading about this function, I understood that it takes a number (the result of the operation inside it) and this will be the seed for the random functions (rand_range).

Okay, so it is not actually random. The random seed has a fixed value.

I checked the result of this operation and got a reasonable value, but it did not work after I tried it.

I thought it might be quicker if I just ran this program in PyCharm after modifying and printing the results for each iteration, and it worked. After connecting to the server, I just used the numbers and got the flag.

Happy hacking :)

Orel 🐇

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