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The theme of this CTF was an evil hacker group called "DEADFACE".

Additionally, there were some other groups and companies that were part of the storyline.

The CTF contained many challenges, many of which I would define as beginner-intermediate level.

We reached 70th place out of 1100 teams.

*shout out to the admins on being very friendly*

This blog post will contain 3 forensics/steganography challenges that I solved:


Syncopated Beat - Steganography

I downloaded a zip that contained two audio files:

I played the first audio file and in the middle of it, there was a part that was sound like a reversed audio,

I opened Audacity, reversed that part and it said that I have to use the steganography software from Mr. Robot and the password for the file is the new CEO of Evil Corp, I googled both things, and found that there's a software called DeepSound.

I opened the second audio using this software.

I used the password and extracted the hidden file.


Tin Balloon - Forensics

After downloading the zip file, there are two files - an audio and a doc file.

The doc file was encrypted with a password and once again, part of the audio sounded strange.

I opened the audio with Audacity, trimmed the part I wanted, used the spectrogram option, and found the doc's password which contained the flag.


Electric Steel - Steganography

I downloaded the image:

I used binwalk tool to search for hidden files:

One of the hidden files was tar file:

Happy hacking,

Orel 🍵

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Great write up! I learnt a few things from the ones you published that I didn't solve :)

Orel Gispan
Orel Gispan
Nov 02, 2023
Replying to

Thanks a lot! I'm happy to know that :)

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